The Magic of Shiri Web Series  JioCinema : Release Date, Plot , Cast, Trailer

The Magic of Shiri Web Series  JioCinema

An upcoming Jio cinema hindi language webseries The Magic of Shiri is one of the viewer awaited webseries and the web series is going to be release very soon and this series not only in Hindi but with the different language including Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati. The Magic of Shiri Web Series  is going to be release on jiocinemas and the teaser of the webseries is recently release which was produced by Jyoti Deshpande after looking the teaser of the web series we can say that it created lots of excitement for the series.  Divyanka Tripathi is involve in the lead role in this webserie, We have given you lots of information about the webseries and if you want to know more about the series read the article below.

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The Magic of Shiri Web Series  JioCinema Release date

The Magic of Shiri Web Series jiocine  is one of the awaited webseries and it will be release on OTT platform Jiocinema. If we talk about the release date of the webseries for now there is not any official announcement of the webseries from the production house. It will be release on different language not only in the Hindi language but along with the Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati

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The Magic of Shiri Web Series  JioCinema Cast

  • Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya
  • Hanisha Gehlot
  • Namit Das
  • Parmeet Sethi 
  • Pitobash
  • Javed Jaffrey
  • Anngad Raaj
  • Darshan Jariwala
  • Nilu Kohli
  • Neeta Mohindra
  • Pritisha Srivastava

The Magic of Shiri Web Series JioCinema Details

Web seriesThe Magic of Shiri
Story Tanveer Bookwala
DirectorBirsa Dasgupta
DOPSubhankar Bhar ISC
Production HouseJio Studio

The Magic of Shiri Web Series JioCinema Plot

A gifted and driven magician named Shiri Shah is the subject of the engaging online series The magic of Shiri which follows her incredible journey. She encounters severe opposition from the evil Jaadugar Saleem as she gose out to realize her goal of becoming a renowned magician. Birsa Dasgupta’s skilful directing allows the series to build a fantasting story that examines the magic the world and the victory of willpower over hardship.

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya embodies the role of Shiri Shah, a young woman driven by her passion for magic. Despite being from a small town, Shiri has an unyielding passion for performing on a big platform and is endowed with natural ability. Supported by her loving and enthusiastic family, Shiri embarks on an exciting and challenging journey towards success.

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However, Shiri’s journey is not without obstacles. Salim is portrayed by Javed Jaffrey. Salim is a powerful magician who views Shiri as a danger to his hegemony in the magical world. Salim remains steadfast in his efforts to undermine Shiri’s ambitions and ruin her reputation because he is driven by jealously and hate.

As the series unfolds, viewers witness Shiri’s remarkable growth in the world of magic. Her captivating performances and innovative illusions leave audiences spellbound, attracting both praise and attention. With each success, Salim’s resentment grows, sparking an intriguing rivalry between the two magicians.

The Magic of Shiri Web Series JioCinema Trailer

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