Maidaan Movie – 2023: Budget, Story Line, Cast, Release Date, Movie Review , All Details

About Maidaan Movie

Based on a true incident, Maidaan is a sports biopic about the golden age of  Indian football (1952-1962). This movie is truly based on life of  Syed Abdul Rahim, He is a well known football coach during his 13-year stay with the national team, established the foundation for contemporary Indian football. The story of movie Maidaan is potrayed by the indian Hero Ajay Devgan.

The movie Maidaan is directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma,”Maidaan” promises to be an touching story of drive and resilience that will motivate viewers everywhere. Every element and part of the movie has been carefully planned to bring viewers back in time and captured the dprite of Indian’s  golden age football, from the location and costumes to the acting and plott. “Maidaan” is certain to be popular and keep fan will  shouting for more  to its brilliant cast and staff.

Maidaan Movie release date

Story Line Of  Movie Maidaan

The football team of golden age of India are the inspiration for Maidaan.This movie is produced by Sengupta,Arunava Joy, Boney Kapoor and Akash Chawla and Amit Ravinder Nath Sharma is the director of the movie who is also National Award winner from the film Badhai ho.The screenplay and dialogues are written by Saiwyn Quadros and Ritesh Shah Respectively.The originator of Indian football is Syed Abdul Rahim and Ajay Devgan is playen in the main role in movie Maidaan

The music is composed for the movie maidaan by A R Rahman and Akash Chawal, Saiwyn Quadras and Arunava Joy Sengupta wrote the movie screen[lay

Maidaan Movie Trailer

Maidan Movie Star Cast

  • Ajay Devgan as Syed Abdul Rahim
  • Aryann Bhowmik
  • Priyamani as Syed Abdul Rahim’s wife
  • Nitanshi Goel as Syed Abdul Rahim’s Daughter
  • Rishabh Joshi
  • Rudranil Ghosh
  • Gajraj Rao
  • Diego Torres Kuri
  • Rohit Mondal

Maidaan Budget

According to the reports, maidaan  movie budget would be  close to 100 cr. Ajay Devjan declare that Maidann movie is also the greatest movie to date . All viewers are waiting after the movie Bhoola and  following success of the movie  Drishyam 2, Maidaan is Ajay’s  upcoming bluckboster movie . The debut date of Maidaan has been moved about three times  due to  COVID-19.

Maidaan Release Date

Originally Maidaan was  scheduled for  release on October 15th, 2021. Later, the release date was  move to the  17th of february 2023 and  then to June 2022. According to recent Bollywood Hungama report, the movie’s release has been postponed once more. Now, Maidaan will be release on June 23, 2023.


Maidaan Movie Details

Movie NameMaidaan
DirectorAmit Ravindernath Sharma
Star Cast   Rudranil Ghosh, Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Gajraj Rao, And Others
Biographical-Drama-Period-SportsZee Studios
Release Date   June 23, 2023
ProducerArunava Joy Sengupta, Boney Kapoor, Akash Chawla
ScreenplaySaiwyn Quadras
DialogueSaiwyn Quadras, Ritesh Shah
Writer  Arunava Joy Sengupta, Akash Chawla, Saiwyn Quadras
Background Music    Mayank Mehra, Sidhant Mago
Costume Designer      Kirti Kolwankar
Music Director    Sajid-Wajid
LyricistAmitabh Bhattacharya
Editor  Dev Rao Jadhav
CinematographerTushar Kanti Ray

Who is Syed Abdul Rahim?

Sayed Abdul Rahim was an Indian National football team coach and manager.He was born in 1909 in Hyderabad he is also known as Rahim Saab from 1950 to till his death date 1963,he is not only team coach and manager he is also a teacher by his profession and when he was in national football team coach for that is consider as  “golde age” in Melbourne Olympic in 1956 tournament indian national football team was in the semi final all because of his coach and under his guidance and India is the first country to reach this milestone.

Maidaan Movie Review

Ajay Devgan potrayed  as Sayed Abdul Rahim, the manager and coach of the national football team from 1950 to 1963, in the movie Maidaan. In doing so, he potrayed the golden  age of Indian football. The  creator of the modern indian football is known as  Syed Abdul Rahim. He was born in  Hyderabad, and it was  under his leadership that  the India team won two  gold medal in  the Asian game. In providing the Indian football team a new direction, he has made a  significant contribution.

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